Our Services

Affordable Care Act Specialists

We offer our patients and their families 

assistance with Medicaid applications and identifying the best insurance to fit your budget if you qualify for the Marketplace.


If you have no insurance, payment will be based on income and family size.

If you qualify, we can  assist individuals and families in signing up for medical 

assistance. no one will be turned away because of their inability to pay.

Behavioral Health

Our purpose is to help adults reach a satisfying life while providing the 

highest quality of comprehensive treatment and patient care. Services include medication evaluation, consultation, and individual and group therapy.


Specializing in preventive dentistry, QCHC staff is committed to improving the oral health of children, teens and adults. Patients are provided with treatment to prevent and/or correct major dental problems.


Comprehensive services for women, including adolescents, that address the health of the female reproductive system.  Having a baby?  Our  Health Coach will give you the needed support and counseling to assist you.

Health Coach

Assist patients in finding new ways to inspire healthier habits. Works closely with our patients and providers in promoting wellness and helping individuals realize their personal best, assisting the patient through the process of actively working towards better health by providing support, encouragement, and education.

Geriatric Care

Providers trained to work with older patients and deal with the special challenges that they face. Unlike pediatrics, which can deal with anyone under the age of 18, there is no generally accepted age group to which the term “geriatric” applies. Rather, geriatric practitioners work with adults who are facing the challenges of aging, including problems that may not necessarily occur in children or younger adults. These providers are compassionate, highly trained, and valuable member of the healthcare profession. 

Family Medicine

A specialty devoted to Preventive and comprehensive health care for people of all ages for the Treatment of common health conditions throughout life.